VIJAYAWADA: Krishna collector A Md Imtiaz reviewed the preparations for a dry run of Covid-19 vaccination programme to be conducted in the district next week. He said necessary arrangements are being made at five locations selected for the purpose.“On December 27, mock drill of procedures related to information technology, followed by logistics mock drill on Tuesday and vaccine administration process trial the day after,” said the collector. 

The collector informed that each of the five centres will have separate room for waiting, vaccination, to rest and for observation after the immunisation. “Among the five persons to be appointed at each centre, one will be a police personnel who will check a candidate’s identification, while three others will be medical staff who will administer the vaccine.

They will also be responsible for post-vaccination observation and care. Another official will enter the candidate’s details on Co-Win website,” said Imtiaz.A total of 25 health workers will be vaccinated at each centre and mapping of each vaccinated person will be done.

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