Cholleti Vinjay Reddy has been appointed as the White House speechwriting director. Vinay Reddy’s father Narayana Reddy, a doctor by profession, had migrated to America in 1970 and settled there. Vinay Reddy was born and brought up in America. However, the family has not cut off its roots from Telangana and still owns three acres of land and a house in the village of Pothireddypeta.

Narayana Reddy, who completed school education in the village, pursued MBBS in Hyderabad. Narayana Reddy and his wife Vijaya Reddy visit the village every six months and meet relatives and old friends.

Thirupathi Reddy, Vinay Reddy’s grandfather, served as the Pothireddypeta village sarpanch for 30 years. While Narayana Reddy migrated to the US, his elder brother Raji Reddy and younger brother Prabhakar Reddy are in Hyderabad.

Speaking to Media Cholleti Kishan Reddy, a close relative of Vinay Reddy, expressed happiness over the appointment of Vinay Reddy as Biden’s speechwriter. The entire village, in fact, is happy after knowing the news, he said, wishing that Reddy brings more accolades to the village by achieving higher positions.

Vinay Reddy, who was born and brought up in America, has visited the village in his childhood. According to a post from the Moritz College of Law, of which Reddy is an alumnus, Vinay Reddy served as Biden’s chief speech writer during his second term as vice president to President Barack Obama, as deputy speechwriter for the Obama-Biden 2012 re-election campaign and was also the speechwriter for the Biden-Harris transition. His prior speechwriting stints also included with the US Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Health and Human Services.

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