Andhra Pradesh Maritime board cancelled registration of all crafts owned by Amaravati boating Club India Pvt Ltd. The Registering Authority, Port office at Machilipatnam in a notice to the firm stated that during their meeting with Irrigation and Tourism officials, doubts were raised on the authenticity of Insurance certificates of the crafts. On further verification of the Insurance documents submitted by the firm online, none of the certificates’ details submitted by the firm were found on the website which meant the insurance of the crafts is not valid, they stated. The registration of all crafts issued to the Amaravati boating Club India Pvt Ltd stands cancelled as per the notice served to the firm. People appreciated the authorities for being ever so vigilant in finding fraudulent practices and protecting their lives. There were quite some incidents in the past where many people lost lives due to negligence of boat and craft owners. Overloading of boats, running boats well past their due expiry have been the prime reason behind mishaps.       

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