President of the US, Joe Biden had called himself a “transitional President”. And for many this had translated to mean that Biden intended to be a single term President. As such, while there had been many names bandied about as possible Presidential candidates in 2024, Kamala Harris has been considered the Democratic forerunner 

But President Biden does not plan to relinquish his office any time soon. At his first press conference since assuming office, he told assembled reporters that he had expectations to run for re-election in 2024. “My plan is to run for re-election (in 2024), that is my expectation,” Biden said. Responding to a question about his running mate, he said that he expected US Vice President Harris to remain as the vice-presidential candidate.

Biden appeared to be somewhat frustrated by the follow-up questions, stating that he had never been able to plan ahead for years on an end. “Look I don’t understand where you guys come from…I’m a great respecter of fate. I’ve never been able to plan four-and-a-half, three-and-a-half years ahead for certain,” he added Should he be elected for a second term, Biden will be the first US President to be above the age of 80. The 78-year-old is the oldest US President till date, and in the run-up to the polls, much had been said about his age. Notably, former President Donald Trump has also repeatedly hinted at a 2024 campaign to retake the White House .

Biden however does not seem overly concerned. “I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party. Do you?” he told reporters when asked if he would be facing off against Trump. It must be noted that Biden has not formally committed to a second election campaign.

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