Mamata Banerjee will not stay locked-up, remote controlling from home, even though there is a nationwide lockdown.

After closed-door video-conferences with District Magistrates, health officers and superintendents of medical colleges and hospitals, she visited a few premier hospitals, with a skeletal entourage, masked and “sanitised”. But she did not venture inside with her team.

She distributed masks, sanitisers and gloves and enquired about their preparedness. Soon social media got active and a section of people, obviously BJP and Left sympathisers started trolling her.

Saffron leaders criticised her on-air; by defying the lockdown and moving around with party supporters in her tow, she was putting people at great risk.

Without paying much heed to this, she again took to the roads, stopping at local markets to find out the prices of essentials and if the commodities were being made available to people.

Banerjee allegedly ignored the norms of the lockdown to assist the public.

On seeing a few buyers crowding in front of shops, she decided to teach them about social distance. She found a piece of brick and she started drawing circles with that at a gap of approximately one meter, denoting the places where the buyers would line up to buy their things.

Within a day, all markets, pharmacies and grocers’ came up with such Lakshman Rekha and business picked up gradually, sans crowds.

With the chief minister giving surprise visits to wholesale and retail markets, those, who tried making a fast buck by hoarding in times of crisis, subsided. The price-escalation was also addressed. Mamata made sure to project herself as one ready to risk her own life, for the safety of her state.

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