Anushka Sharma, currently in lockdown with her parents and husband Virat Kohli in Mumbai, shared a glimpse of their fun-filled monopoly session on Instagram. Anushka also wrote a lengthy note about family values, in which she said: “It’s from our primary care givers – family that we learn how to tread the journey of life, how to walk, how to eat, how to socialize and then face the world. This forms our initial conditioning that has a lasting impact on us. In the world we inhabit today, there is a lot of uncertainty and I’m sure a lot of you have found that solace and sense of familiarity with your families.”

Anushka added: “Stay at home to take care of everyone precious in your lives. And also make the most of these moments … smile, laugh, share, show affection, clear misunderstandings, develop stronger/healthier bonds, discuss life and dreams and pray for a better tomorrow. We all have been moved deeply, we all have been affected deeply and hopefully we will carry forward these lessons in the days to come. And hopefully, we have all conditioned ourselves to relook at the world we inhabited before all of this happened.”

And to wrap her post, she said: “PS – It was a super close game of Monopoly and the competitive side of everyone was out there. Any guesses who won?”

Ahead of the lockdown, Anushka was preoccupied with her production projects till production of all upcoming projects were recently put on hold. For Virat, the Indian Premier League (IPL), which was scheduled to begin from March 29, has been postponed. The country is on a three-week lockdown till April 14. In Mumbai, over 165 positive cases have been detected so far with the total count being over 1,960 in India.

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