Precisely, it is khan Bhai and his love for animals !!.

The lockdown has unleashed a different side of our favourite Bollywood celebrities. While some are acing difficult yoga postures others continue to try their hand at cooking, sketching and other hobbies they had been long neglecting due to busy work schedules. Salman Khan, meanwhile, is eating grass.

Seemingly trying to add a healthy and natural serving to his meals, the actor on Friday took to social media to share a strange yet funny video where he is seen feeding his horse.

In the video, Salman takes a handful of leaves and starts chewing them himself. While we hear the person capturing Salman on video having a laugh, the actor keeps chewing the fodder and after finishing it can be heard saying “It’s damn good.”

While we all have read how important greens are for our meals, nobody seems to take it as seriously as Salman, who is currently quarantining with his family members at his Panvel farmhouse.

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