The Indian health ministry said on Friday that there has been no community transmission of coronavirus in the country yet, assuring the people not to panic, however it added that everyone should remain alert.

“We conducted 1,6002 tests on Thursday. Only 0.2 per cent of cases tested positive. On the basis of the samples collected, the infection rate is not high,” the health ministry official said, adding that rapid diagnostics kits have also been sanctioned.”

During the press conference, the home ministry official directed all states and Union territories to ensure strict compliance of lockdown measures to fight the virus especially in view of festivals in April.

An MEA spokesman Dammu Ravi said: “A lot of requests on Hydroxychloroquine were already there. Several countries have made requests for this particular item and taking into view the domestic necessities and keeping a sufficient buffer for our own requirement.”

“A decision was taken by a group of ministers to release some of the surplus medicine for export purposes. This is an ongoing process,” the MEA official added.

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