HYDERABAD: TV host-turned-actress, Swathi Reddy married Vikas, a pilot by profession in 2018. It was a love-cum-arranged marriage and after her wedding the actress moved to Indonesia and was staying there. Now news broke out that all is not well in the ‘Danger’ actress marital life after it was discovered that she has deleted the photos of her husband Vikas and also her wedding pictures from her social media handle.

This came as a shock not only to the fans of Swathi but also to others. Speculations started doing rounds that Swathi may have ended her relationship with her husband.

To put a full stop to all the speculations, Swathi posted a video in which she clicked onto the ‘Archives’ folder of her Instagram account where one could see all the photos of her husband Vikas. She also shared a conversation between Dobby and Harry Potter.

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