BIHAR: A married man in Bihar was arrested as he decided to marry his ex-girlfriend. The incident took place in Paliganj of Bihar. A couple of months ago, the local resident Dheeraj Kumar got married. Before the announcement of lockdown, Dheeraj’s wife went to her parent’s home in Dulhin Bazar.

The woman was stuck at her parent’s residence as there was no means of transport. It is all known knowledge that strict restrictions have been imposed on the movement of vehicles due to lockdown. Dheeraj called to his wife and asked her to come back home but the woman couldn’t find any way to return to Dheeraj.

Then the furious Dheeraj decided to marry his ex-girlfriend. The woman who got to know about the second marriage of Dheeraj filed a complaint in the nearby police station. Police filed a case and arrested Dheeraj.

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