Congress has been writing suggestions to the Prime Minister in terms of bolstering the measures taken to tackle the virus and the economic hardship faced by many. During the meeting, she also suggested that a financial package of ‘at least Rs.7,500 to each family to tide over this crisis.’

New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi expressed concern for the economic loss caused due to the lockdown enforced due to the coronavirus pandemic at the Congress working committee meeting today. She said that 12 crore jobs have been lost in the first phase of the lockdown and that unemployment is likely to increase further as economic activity remains at a standstill.

She also said that many sections of the society are facing hardship during the current crisis especially migrant labourers who are still stranded and are jobless and desperate to return home. Gandhi said that it is necessary to provide them with food security and a financial safety net in order for them to survive this period of crisis

“Sections of our society face acute hardship-particularly our kisans-khet mazdoors, migrant labour, construction workers, and in the unorganized sector. Trade, commerce, and industry have come to a virtual halt, and crores of livelihoods have been destroyed.”

In the meeting, she also praised the frontline workers who are nothing short of warriors in the current situation. She said, “The doctors, nurses, paramedics, health workers, sanitation workers, and essential service providers, NGO and the lakhs of citizens providing relief to the neediest all over India. Their dedication and determination truly inspire us all.”

She added, “There are a few success stories and we should applaud them. Most of all we should salute every single Indian leading the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in spite of the absence of adequate personal protection equipment.”

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