Chandrababu said in a letter that he did not think that he would write a letter to the public. “In this difficult time, everyone must follow the lockdown rules and take care of hygiene and health care. Particular attention should be given to children and the elderly,” Naidu asserted in the letter

TDP chief and former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu wrote an open letter to people of Andhra Pradesh. In the letter, he mentioned various aspects of the latest developments in connection with the spread of coronavirus in the state.

He said that the situation of migrant, weavers and farmers in the state is heartening. “It is our responsibility to protect our home, our ward, our society,” Chandrababu asserted.

He said had the Anna canteens and Chandranna insurance schemes been implemented, it would be a big help to the people in this crisis period. “The situation of the farmers is heartbreaking,” Naidu opined. The TDP chief recalled the services rendered in his regime where the administration has carried out relief measures in hardships be it Uttarakhand Floods, Odisha floods, Visakha Hood Hood, etc.

He alleged that the current government is not dealing correctly with coronavirus. Chandrababu alleged that the coronavirus had spread due to the negligence and irresponsibility of the YSRCP govt. He found fault with chief minister comments of limiting the coronavirus to fever, which can be treated by paracetamol and bleaching powder.”How can a chief minister say that we shall stay with coronavirus,” Naidu questioned.

He alleged YSRCP over the colouring of government buildings with party colours. The government is least bothered about the coronavirus and not conducting the tests and concentrating on the welfare of its party and conduction of local body elections in the state. Naidu has given a call to the people to protect our homes, society and country by following the rules and regulations imposed by the central government in tackling the dreadful coronavirus.

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