Warangal: Dr Shyam Perugu, Assistant Professor in Department of Biotechnology, NIT Warangal, in collaboration with the National Institute of Animal Biotechnology (NIAB), Hyderabad, and Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), Haryana, was awarded DBT-BIRAC COVID-19 project (Hunt for PanCovid19 antiviral for the Coronaviruses of Present and Future ) with a proposed grant of Rs 2 crore. Dr Shyam is the co-principal investigator to this project, while Dr Girish from NIAB is the principal investigator to this project.

Dr Shyam has hypothesised the efficacy of certain known drugs and natural products extracted from plant extracts on Corona virus. Based on the outcome further work would be done on how the virus receptor would respond to the natural products and the known drugs, according to a release.

Further, Dr Shyam along with other collaborators will create virus replicas and will study the effectiveness of the natural products and drugs in vitro, under controlled laboratory conditions and in vivo, in animals.

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