Vijayawada : Andrapradesh DGP D Gautam Sawang has announced that the police department has hastened investigation into the complaint against some persons for making objectionable comments against AP High Court and its judgments. everyone must follow the law while expressing views in print, electronic or social media.

He said it is highly condemnable projecting lies as facts and presenting the facts as lies, distortion of facts and making objectionable, obscene and scandalised remarks on others. He said the police department would not spare the culprits and would go ahead with an investigation.

He said the police would keep a vigil on those persons who try to malign the image of the government, important persons in the government and the constitutional institutions.

In a press release, Sawang said it is not correct to make comments in social media or other media against constitutional institutions and the people who are holding positions in it. The DGP has issued the press release in view of the notices served to 49 persons for making objectionable comments against the High Court and the judges.

He said the unrest was created in the society in recent days with the provocative comments and statements being made in the social media, print and electronic media. He felt there was no control on media in the society and it was leading to making personal allegations and spreading hatred in the society. He felt such unrest atmosphere and consequences are not good for society.

He said the police department was strengthening the structure to check such activities. He said a separate wing has been created in the Cybercrime Department to monitor and prevent crimes in social media. He said the cyber wing has hastened the investigation into cases and appealed to the people, who express their views in print, electronic and social media to maintain self-control and otherwise the police department would take stringent action for violation of rules and laws. He said everyone should feel that they are living in a matured society and should not behave in a manner which would tarnish the image and respect of constitutional institutions.

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