The TDP supremo alleged that he never saw any Chief Minister like YS Jagan brutally abused the power for allocating government lands, water and other benefits to his own companies, on Tuesday in a meeting with the party leaders. The granting of a mining lease on an extent of 1516.48 acres to Saraswathi Power and Industries Pvt Limited company for 50 years babu alleged.

TDP leaders accused the CM of extending the lease and sanctioned water for his own company. They termed it as an unfortunate decision. No other CM has taken such decisions in the past. The 50-year mining lease extension for Saraswathi Power Industry at Dachepalli in Guntur district was a peak of misuse of power under Jagan government. Also, he himself allocated 0.7 TMC water for his company. The CM should explain to the voters whether he asked for One Chance to promote his own companies and vested interests, the TDP demanded.

Stating that YSRCP’s latest focus was on laterite mines in Visakhapatnam agency, the TDP leaders said the ruling party has monopolised entire mining by threatening and blackmailing existing companies with false cases. A systematic attempt was being made to strike at the financial roots of TDP sympathisers. Fines imposed on the companies of Kapu Ramachandra Reddy and other YSRCP leaders were cancelled. The medical college managements were being harassed on the pretext that they were TDP sympathisers.

It is worth mentioning here that, Gopala Krishna Dwivedi, Principal Secretary, Industries and Commerce issued a Government Order MS No. 30 on Monday, extending the mining lease for Limestone, which is in controversy now Naidu called upon the TDP leaders and elected representatives to wage a relentless struggle against the YSRCP Government on the problems of farmers and poor people.

At the meeting, the party leaders stressed the need for taking their party charge sheet into the people all over the state and expose how the YSRCP committed countless misdeeds in the name of ‘Navaratnalu’.

He said the common public were put to misery and injustice because of the cancellations, atrocities and failures of the Jagan Government in the past one year. In the name of schemes, the ruling party was perpetrating one scam after another without least consideration for the lives of the people.

Naidu told the party leaders that the YSRCP indulged in corruption even in the purchase of Coronavirus testing kits and bleaching powder. All such corruption scams and irregularities shall be brought up for discussion in the coming Assembly session, Naidu instructed to the party MLAs.

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