Telugu Desam Party national president Chandrababu Naidu asserted that the situation of the state is out of control and has become alarming in the hands of YSRCP government. He said that all the districts in the state are being created terror with attacks and tyranny and that it is shameful that it has become a necessity to set up rehabilitation centres for the victims of YSRCP.

He wrote an open letter to the people, expressing concern over the state’s mismanagement of corporations, corruption, and factionalism.

“It is noteworthy that the income in the YSRCP regime was much improved than in the TDP regime; however it is the failure of the government to reduce the welfare schemes,” Naidu asserted. In his letter to people, Naidu alleged the government of not solving farmers’ problems, stalling welfare schemes for the poor, failing to contain coronavirus. He accused the government of increasing electricity bills, liquor prices, sand and cement prices.

Unemployment is on the rise with over 1.8 lakh crore investments going back. He stated that YSRCP is not rectifying shortcomings in the year-long regime and targeting the opponents.

“Jagan has been acting in vengeance against TDP since the day he was sworn in as CM, by demolishing the TDP constructed buildings, damaging the business aspects of TDP leaders and activists, imposing fines of Rs 2 crore on owners of granite mines in Prakasam granite business, ” Naidu opined. Naidu fumed at govt for demolishing the houses of Muslim minority leaders in Nellore and setting up terror like situation in Palnadu.

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