The TDP leader Chandra Babu MLAs and MLC who attended the assembly proceedings and attended the governor’s speech has earlier paid tribute to NTR statue at Venkatapalem during. All the party members, including Chandrababu, attended the assembly meetings wearing black shirts.

Speaking on the occasion, MLA Nimmala Ramanaudu said that the sessions have been restricted for two days only to implement government’s own agenda. He demanded that all meetings be held for at least 15 days to discuss public issues. Leaders have said that they are playing in the name of welfare only to exploit public money. However, it is likely that the TDP would boycott the sessions.

In the speech, the governor said that the YSRCP government has implemented the welfare schemes and the people are happy with the schemes and lauded the government. This is the second time that the former chief minister Chandrababu wearing a black dress to assembly after 2019 in protest to government acting in vengeance.

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