VIJAYAWADA:¬†TDP president Chandra Babu addressing an online meeting with party senior leaders on Tuesday, Naidu criticised that YSRCP the ruling party has been harassing the TDP leaders just for asking how the 108 contracts could be given to a new organisation in violation of the laws and the rules. demanded the State Government explain whether the recipient organisation of 108 Ambulances contract belongs to the YSRCP MPVijayasai Reddy’s son-in-law or not.

Naidu questioned the credibility of the State government in giving the contract to the ruling party leaders to benefit the hundreds of crores of rupees at the cost of public exchequer. The Government was giving notices to the whistleblowers while allowing the actual corrupt and tainted persons to go scot-free, he blamed.

The TDP chief called for a relentless struggle to expose and oppose the multiple scams and irregularities being committed even during dangerous Coronavirus time. He said the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy should answer whether Saraswathi Power belongs to him or not. When the TDP questioned how water and mines allocation was given in violation of rules, notices were sent through the Secretary concerned. The YSRCP made it a routine to commit scams and then persecute the Opposition when it exposes the Government’s corruption, he observed.

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