The TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu alleged that ACB official taking Atchannaidu into custody at midnight? Clearly, these midnight conspiracies were aimed at throwing the TDP leader’s life into risk. He accused the Government of hatching a conspiracy and playing games with Atchannaidu’s life.

Naidu alleged that the YSRCP government was endangering the health of the party MLA Kinjarapu Atchannaidu, and he was discharged from the hospital at midnight. Chandrababu Naidu criticised that Atchannaidu was arrested on false charges and meted inhuman treatment, in a press release on Thursday.

The MLA was arrested just a day after he underwent surgery and he was mercilessly forced to travel hundreds of kilometres in a vehicle. As a result of this inhuman treatment, the injury relapsed and Atchannaidu had to undergo another operation. The TDP supremo said the inhuman treatment was continued even though the ACB Court has clearly said Atchannaidu should be questioned while allowing him to rest in his hospital bed only.

The court said he should not be made to sit or stand. The doctors of Guntur General Hospital have said Atchannnadiu needs 10 days bed rest. But, undue pressure was brought on the GGH doctors for discharging the former Minister at midnight.

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