BENGALURU: Even as the government machinery fights the Covid-19 pandemic, it may soon face another challenge as heavy rain, resulting in a flood-like situation, is expected in the coming weeks. The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Centre has cautioned the government that the state may witness flooding in July and August, similar to last year. This may pose a huge challenge for the authorities and disrupt normal life as works on roads and bridges that were damaged during last year’s floods are not yet completed. In 2019, heavy rains and floods had caused devastation in many parts of the state.

As per KSNDMC data, during the pre-monsoon period between March 1 and Aprilend, the average rainfall is 37 mm whereas the state received over 40 mm of rain. Last year, the state registered 45% deficit rain in that period. Since the onset of monsoon since June 1, the state has witnessed good showers, resulting in rising water levels in major reservoirs. Between June 1 and June 25, the state, which normally receives 160 mm, has received 146 mm, with just 9% deficit.

“Up to 19% deficit is considered normal,’’ KSNDMC Director Srinivasa Reddy told TNIE. In places like Ramanagara, Udupi and Uttara Kannada , there is excess of rainfall of up to 21%. “We cannot rule out heavy showers and floods. Many dams are almost full and some villages are staring at a floodlike situation. We have already held three meeting with officials and informed the deputy commissioners about the situation, so that they are prepared,’’ Reddy added.

At Alamatti reservoir, five smaller bridges are submerged. In the coming days, more rains are expected which may affected bigger bridges and thereby, road connectivity. A senior official in the Public Works Department (PWD) said many structures were damaged in the floods last year. “We have completed many of these works barring some places. It will take a few days to get the design approved and another few days to get other clearances. When we actually wanted to start the work in March, the lockdown was imposed and work got delayed,’’ said the official.

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