KOLKATA: A 94-year-old man stepped out of Calcutta Medical College and Hospital on Thursday evening after winning a 16-day battle against Covid-19 infection. He is said to be the oldest Covid-19 patient in the state who returned home after his recovery.

Lalmohan Seth, the nonagenarian, expressed his gratitude to the doctors and nurses and other medical staff of the hospital. “Initially I was very nervous because I am a patient of hypertension. But the way doctors and nurses assured me and took care of my health, I got the courage to fight with the infectious disease,” said Seth.

Seth, who had a fruit-shop at north Kolkata’s Manicktala market, and her daughter started suffering from fever from June 2. “My daughter tested positive for Covid-19 and she was admitted to the same hospital. I was at home. My son suggested me to go to a doctor. I went to the hospital on June 9 and doctors admitted me promptly. My test report came positive on June 13,” he recalled.

After Seth tested positive, he was shifted to another building of the hospital. The oldest patient who survived the coronavirus infection was moved by the way the doctors and nurses interacted with him.

“They gave me the mental strength to fight with the disease. I could not see their face because they were using PPE. But their words helped me a lot to gather courage,” Seth said.

Before Seth, a 90-year-old woman from Howrah and an 88-year-old man from Jadavpur survived Covid-19 infection.

“We considered Seth as our challenge. Since is in his mid-90s and had high blood pressure, we were very careful about his health condition. We monitored his condition round-the-clock. His condition started improving three days after his test report came positive. We were hopeful. We informed him on Wednesday that we would release him the next day. His daughter was released four days ago,” said one of the doctors who treated Seth.

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