Patna: Witnessing the recent spike in the number of Coronavirus cases, Bihar government has decided to impose complete lockdown in the state starting from July 16 till July 31.

In an official order issued on Tuesday July 14, the Home department under the government of Bihar stated that there is an alarming surge in COVID-19 positive cases in State of Bihar in last three weeks wherein positivity rate has also been considerably high.

The Government has examined the matter in detail and is convinced that the requirement for a lockdown in following manner is inevitable and urgent to contain the further spread of the COVID-19 within the State, the notice read.

It added saying that in exercise of the powers, conferred with the instructions issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the undersigned hereby directs that the guidelines, as follows, will remain in force in the state of Bihar for a period of l6 days, with effect from July 16, 2020.

New Lockdown Guidelines 

As per the circular, the authorities have directed the Offices of the Central as well as state government, their Autonomous/Subordinate offices and Public Corporation  wings to remain closed till July 31.

However, essential state services such as Police, home guards, civil defense, fire and emergency services’ disaster management, Elections and Prisons, electricity, water supply, sanitation, health, food and civil supplies, water resources, agriculture and animal husbandry are exceptions.

Besides these, the government permitted  hospitals and all related medical establishments, including their manufacturing and distribution units, both in public and private sector to remain functional during this period.

Though the commercial and private establishments have been instructed to remain closed, shops including ration shops (under PDS), dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder and agricultural inputs may continue to be operational.

The government has once again shut all the religious and educational places in the state and have encouraged online learning only.

The guidelines further reveal that maximum of the transportation in the state will remain suspended during the lockdown period however the exceptions include transportation indulged in transmission of essential good, services and government employees.

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