New Delhi: Congress on Friday suspended two rebel MLAs from Sachin Pilot’s team on the charges of being involved in ‘Horse Trading’ of MLAs, purportedly with Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. 

The suspension came after Congress on Thursday released three audio clips, which reportedly had conversation happening between MLA Bhanwar Lal Sharma and Rajasthan BJP leader Gajendra Singh Shekhawat.

‘Horse Trading’ Audio Clip A New Turn In Rajasthan Politics

Though the authenticity of the audio clips could not be verified by ABP news, various reports claimed that Sharma in the leaked audio clip is purportedly heard saying the rebel camp will soon gather 30 MLAs in their support. Another person is heard saying the government will be brought to its knees very soon.

Union minister Shekhawat is purportedly heard saying it would take another 8-10 days and the rebel MLAs should stay at the hotel for this period as more MLAs will be joining the Pilot camp.

In response to the claims by Congress party demanding strict action against Shekhawat, the Union Minister said that the allegations are false and it is not his voice in the audio tapes. Shekhawat said that he is ready for any kind of probe as congress is making false statements.

Meanwhile the grand old party on Friday suspended the accused MLAs from the party’s primary membership after the videos surfaced on social media.

It is to be noted that during the entire fresh episode in the ongoing political drama between the two factions of Congress led Rajasthan Government, the top leaders of the grand old party did not directly attack Sachin Pilot over the leaked audio clips. Though the party earlier this week sacked Pilot as Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan and removed him from the position of state Congress chief, it did not take any action against the Youth leader over the clips today.

In fact, addressing a press conference on Friday, chief party spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said, “Yesterday, shocking tapes were aired by the media in which Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, BJP leader Sanjay Jain, and Congress MLA Bhanwar Lal Sharma spoke about bribing MLAs and bringing down the Rajasthan government.”

According to an India Today report, Congress former chief Rahul Gandhi had called the leader just ahead of the press conference and warned to be careful with the words and not to mention Pilot in any negative way. The report further quoted Surjewala as saying “We have suspended those from the party against whom we have evidence.”

While on one hand Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has accused Pilot of making excuses and being involved in a conspiracy of toppling the Rajasthan government with the help of BJP, Surjewala and Gandhi’s appear to be going soft on Pilot.

Earlier too, the top brass indicated trust over the matter that Sachin Pilot in no way will join BJP. Besides laying trust in Pilot, the central unit of Congress has made numerous efforts, leaving no stones turned to retain the young leader.

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