THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: After a long hiatus, Health Minister KK Shailaja once again donned the role of a teacher as she taught a class to around 180 IAS officers of the 2018 batch. The minister, often referred to as ‘Shailaja Teacher’, was the special guest for the batch in their Phase II training programme. The event was organised by the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Missouri.

According to the health department, the minister had handled a class on ‘Importance of community participation to defend Covid-19’ through a PowerPoint presentation. The class which lasted for one-and-a-half hour detailed how the state has been engaged in the fight against the virus for the last six months. During the presentation, the minister said that though the state effectively defended the first and second stages of infection transmission, a flare-up of cases is there in the third stage. But the state is handling it effectively, said the minister. 

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