THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With the Covid-19 cases shooting up in the state, the government will implement a three-tier action plan to prevent ‘super spread’ in the cluster areas in the state.  The government will deploy more health workers in the cluster zones where there is a spike in virus spread. “Stringent measures have been taken at the places where super spread is reported to prevent the spread to other areas. The testing at these places has been ramped up to identify the infected persons and to place the primary contacts in quarantine,” Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said at the media briefing on Friday. 

As part of the action plan, special outpatient (OP) sections will be opened at the government hospitals for the treatment of persons who came from other states. Citing the increasing spread in cluster areas, Pinarayi pointed out that the infection rate in the Pulluvila cluster in the capital district is 42.92 per cent. However, the state can heave a sigh of relief as the recoveries reported were more than the positive cases on Friday. While 885 positive cases were reported, 968 persons recovered. It is the first time in the last three weeks that the number of recovered patients was higher than the positive cases.  However, the increase in local transmission cases is still a matter of grave concern. On Friday, 724 of the new patients were infected through local transmission. Worryingly, the unknown sources of infection are also on the rise, as 56 such cases were reported.  

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