Ongole: Prakasam district judge and chairperson of the District Legal Services Authority P Venkata Jyothirmai advised the paralegal volunteers in the district to create awareness on the rights of the victims of Covid-19 to have a respectful goodbye and asked them to cooperate for their last rites.

In a meeting held through video conferencing mode, Jyothirmai said that people in some areas are raising objections for the cremation of the patients died of Covid-19 and ordered them to create awareness on the issue in the people. She advised that each paralegal volunteer should educate the public in their area that the last rites of the Coronavirus victims are being performed as per the standard operating procedures stipulated by the government, and the people need not worry even if they are buried as there will be no transmission of the virus.

She advised them to ask the public to restrain from bathing and touching the bodies and emphasize that it is the right of everybody to have respectful last rites. She asked the paralegal volunteers to take the message to all nook and corners of the district and see no more objections raised from the public in the future. The DLSA secretary, P Srinivasa Rao and paralegal volunteers from various places in the district also participated in the meeting.

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