Minister for Municipal Affairs Botsa Satyanarayana said that 38 new LPG incinerators in the state will be available as per CM orders Facilities in the cemetery with Rs.51.48 crore
Available by November Measures to ensure that every parliamentary constituency has at least one. Municipal Minister Botsa Satyanarayana said in a statement that the tender process for the work, which would be at least one per constituency in the state, would be completed and made available by the end of November.
The minister said the decision was taken in line with the ideas of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to ensure that eco-friendly arrangements are made for the conduct of funerals of the deceased in view of the fact that there are no proper facilities for conducting funerals of the deceased in urban areas and the Covid conditions and the traditional use of sticks.
The Minister said that the construction of crematoriums to be maintained with LPG in an environmentally friendly manner and the creation of infrastructure in cemeteries would be part of this work.
He said the government had taken steps to put a full stop to such untoward incidents, by taking full precautions and construct crematoriums and crematoriums to provide a permanent solution to the problem. The Minister said that all measures would be taken to ensure that the funeral was conducted in a dignified manner, keeping in view the restrictions (minimum contact) in force in view of the Covid conditions.
The minister said the funds would be used for construction of gas or electric chimneys, office buildings, halls, toilets, water supply, drainage lanes and other landscaping works in the respective cemeteries. In addition to reducing maintenance costs, we are setting up crematoriums through LPG to be environmentally friendly.
Hindupur, Anantapur Parliamentary constituencies with 3 crematoriums each, Narsapuram, Machilipatnam, Guntur will receive the same.

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