In a highly daring act, a Mumbai policeman risked his life and jumped into the river 30 feet deep at Borivali National Park in Mumbai to save life of a woman who tried to commit suicide by jumping into the river post death of his husband who succumbed to Coronavirus.

According to the sources, Kasturba police station earlier this afternoon received a phone call informing about a woman who jumped off the bridge into the river near the National Park. Upon acknowledging the matter, the police rushed to the spot to rescue the woman.

Sources aware of the incident informed that policeman Abhiman More of Kasturba police station risked his life and jumped 30 feet deep into the river to secure the woman.

With the help of fire brigade, the daring cop pulled the woman out. The victim was soon rushed to the hospital and git discharged post treatment.

While questioning the rescued woman about the motive behind her extreme step, the lady told that her husband died of Coronavirus last moth. Following his death, the woman had been in depression and decided to end her life.

Meanwhile, policeman Abhiman More was later honoured with flowers and salute from the bystanders for his commendable act.

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