Hyderabad: Defeating Covid-19 is all about grit and determination.

Meet Sardar Gurmeet Singh, a constable from the Kulsumpura police station, who conquered Covid-19 and is now offering tips to those who have tested positive on how to recover.

It was on June 2 that Gurmeet Singh came to know he had contracted the coronavirus.

“My superiors asked me to get admitted immediately to the Chest Hospital for treatment. At short notice, an ambulance reached my house and I packed my bag with a few clothes,” he recalls.

“When I was getting into the ambulance, I saw a few people shooting a video. I gave them a thumbs up, told them I would be back in a week. I wanted to send across a message to the public that getting into an ambulance does not mean you will not return,” he says.

The quarantine centre is a place where you have to keep yourself busy and away from negativity.

“I believe in the saying ‘God is one’. So I kept chanting the Mool Mantar (Guru Granth Sahib), Bajrang Baan (Hanuman Chalisa) and ‘Astaghfirullah Ya Rabbi’ (Quran) to keep myself busy and to strengthen my belief,” he recalls.

Before the virus got to Gurmeet, he was already in the news, known as the policeman-singer who went around Kulsumpura singing songs to spread awareness about Covid-19.

“At the hospital too, I continued singing songs on various music platforms. I also sang a few songs for the staff there as a mark of gratitude for their selfless service,” says Gurmeet.

To win over Covid-19, one has to strictly follow the doctor’s advice and see that the virus is not passed on to someone else in the family.

“I took medicine and did small workouts in the hospital. At home, I washed my clothes and cleaned the floor to ensure some physical activity,” he says.

Gurmeet Singh advises people to follow the prescribed guidelines for Covid-19 care and to wear masks, to use soap to wash hands and to always keep the surroundings of the house clean and tidy.

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