Andhra Pradesh Development – CM Jagan Mohan Reddy with a long view that decentralization of administration is required for rapid development and reconciliation has introduced the three capital proposal. Fighting even with senior leaders with 40 years of political experience in the opposition for a long time for the well-being of the people until the governor’s approval of the decentralization bill.

CM Jagan mohan Reddy is a great leader who has made his mark in the people in his own style. YSRCP state women’s wing secretary and regional coordinator, Puthalapati constituency incharge Smt. Sailaja Charan Reddy in her appreciation for the Chief Minister opined he is a leader who tells and does. She offered her special thanks to Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy and Governor Bishwabhushan Harichandan on behalf of all the people of the state.

She said that even in all the surveys, the three capitals were supported by people. Opposition leaders, however, said that Amravati should continue to be the capital, adding that only the Kamma community will develop if only twenty-seven villages in Amravati were developed, Chandrababu left the development of the people of the rest of the state to the wind.

Asking Sabbam Hari directly, she was indignant as to why he didn’t question Chandrababu who had misused for the lands in Amravati for his selfish desire so many days. Responding to TDP women leader Anita’s words, “Rajanna canteens are running. You don’t have to worry about canteens saying that Jagananna will satisfy the hunger of the poor people.”
See for yourself in the future how the development of the three regions .

The development of the three capitals will be done through decentralization, be patient, said Shailaja Reddy. She urged the Yellow Media to stop any more false propaganda and contribute to the development of the state.

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