WARANGAL: Covid-19 cases have risen rapidly in the district in the past few weeks. At a time when the scientists and researchers are struggling to find a way to control the spread of the virus, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal has developed a multi-purpose, chemical-free and safe sterilisation system- OzoNIT, here .

The safe sterilisation system, which has been named ‘OzoNIT’, was developed by Dr D Haranath, an associate professor in Physics department, along with his research scholar P Chandar Rao. The system was developed with the support and encouragement of Prof D Dinakar, the head of the department.
Resembling a household refrigerator, this system can easily disinfect vegetables, fruits, packed food, milk packets, masks, cloths, wallet, cash, watches, cell phones, ornaments, shoes, handbags, newspaper, parcels, among others, all in one go.

With the click of a button, the device produces 500 milligram of ozone gas in just an hour from ambient air. “Exposure of these items under ozone gas for about 20-25 minutes will kill all types of viruses, fungi and bacteria up to 99.99% without the use of any sterilising chemicals. Once the items are sanitised for about half an hour, the ozone will be vented out automatically,” said D Haranath.The design is made in such a way that no leakage of the ozone gas takes place while it is being operated.

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