Medical services should be provided to journalists in coordination with the department

To provide prompt corona screening and treatment to journalists and journalist families affected by corona. Display Allocated hospital details, medical health department appointed as nodal officers, information civil relations. Information and Public Relations Commissioner Tumma Vijayakumar Reddy urged official to provide wide publicity on names and phone numbers of department officials.

The commissioner Vijay Kumar Reddy held a video conference on Monday from the Collector Camp Office in Vijayawada with the Information Department officials of 13 districts in the state. Commissioner Vijay Kumar Reddy said on the occasion said that the Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare, Katamneni Bhaskar, and the Commissioner of Information, have met with the journalist community. He said the meeting was held and a circular was issued for the health care of the journalists.

The media representatives are doing their part in the situation, if either them or their family members are affected by Corona. Immediate response and necessary testing of whosoever affected.

Improved medical services by injecting beds in “isolation Covid hospitals” if necessary.

Advised to take action. Release a press release informing the phone numbers of the concerned nodal officersHe also clarified that the media should be kept in groups. Nodal‌ officers are constantly available on the phone.

He said posters have been sent to each ward volunteer and medical health department regarding Covid and they are displayed regularly.

Commissioner Vijayakumar Reddy suggested that it should be examined. Similarly in some places Covid‌ awareness must be created. Officials were told to inspect the ‘hoardings set up’ and send a report. Covid  ​​Care Centers in Hospitals issuing press releases on services received, meals, fresh water, toilets, sanitation, etc.

He instructed on How to make video clippings and cover them in local media so that the government among the people

Said to be an assurance of healing. Corona sufferers are ‘mostly in trouble’ due to distress and anxiety. Those who are brave enough to suffer are recovering quickly, according to those who have recovered from the corona and been discharged. He said that people should be encouraged through social media. Any incidents in the districts

He suggested that if it happened, it should be brought to the notice of the superiors immediately.

The Commissioner ordered the officers to inform the Central Office immediately in case of unforeseen accidents in the districts

Details of hospitals in the corona background, up-to-date information on the style of bed sheets to be made available, to the relevant authorities at a press conference organized by the medical authorities in video conference i&pr jd tella kasturibai RIE Krishna Reddy DD Sada Rao Mehaboob Basha,AO Ramanaiah participated.

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