Press Academy Chairman Shri Devireddy Srinath Reddy said that the Academy in collaboration with Universities to enhance the professional skills of journalists across the state. The academy has decided to work with various universities. Particularly with the Department of Journalism at various universities. Admissions are to be available with a fee waiver for journalists.

Part of it was the deal with Vikrama Simhapuri University in Nellore The deal was announced on Wednesday. In consultation with all the universities in the state, journalists, admissions, Simhapuri University Registrar Dr. L. Vijaya Krishna Reddy has been appointed as the Coordinating Officer to make deals on fee waivers , He said.Journalists need to hone their skills to adapt to changing times He requested for changes in the syllabus to that extent in universities. Arrangements are also being made to conduct training classes for journalists Conferences and workshops in coordination with various universities.
Explained that they were also getting ready to manage. Working with universities to cater different Government schemes to the respective beneficiaries.
Explained what is expected to be done.
As part of the deal with VS University it’s registrar Shri Vijaya Krishna Reddy and Press Academy Secretary, Shri M Balagangadhar Tilak signed the agreement in the midst of the Academy Chairman Shri Devireddy Srinath Reddy and exchanged aforementioned signed agreement documents.

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