THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday said he had never taken a stand to attack journalists who ask questions or criticise him. “Before I was the chief minister, you had criticised me because I occupied a responsible seat as the party state secretary. Today, when you criticise me, it is because of my present post,” he said.  He said his comments against journalists were not personal and he was merely pointing out that some issues were raised as per the political interests of certain people.

The chief minister claimed ignorance on the cyber attack by CPM supporters on journalists, including women, who asked questions in the daily press meet. “It has not come to my notice. Let me see check the nature of the comments,” he said.

The CM said he had never said that journalists were carrying out personal attack on him.On whether it was right for his press secretary who draws government salary to air political comments against media persons, he said: “I can comment on it only after checking the nature of his comments, like whether those were (part of) a debate, opinion, criticism, diatribe or complaint. Let me check it.”

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