MYSURU: At a time when many coronavirus-infected patients and their family members are being subjected to discrimination and ostracised over the stigma associated with Covid- 19, noted snake rescuer and wildlife conservationist Snake Shyam has set an example by rescuing a snake from the house of a positive patient in the city.

Early Wednesday, Shyam who is popularly known as ‘Snake Shyam’ received a call from a man that a snake was found inside their house and that their house was demarcated as a containment zone as his father had tested positive for coronavirus and was in home isolation.

This did not deter Shyam from attending to their request. He rushed to the spot in the next 15 minutes and rescued a wild snake that was hiding in a corner of the house. “I was deeply moved when I saw the Covid-infected man isolated inside a room while his wife was bed-ridden due to some ailment and was terrified by the snake.

I had to rush and it was not a time to think if I should visit the house or not. So I went and rescued the snake within five minutes,” said Snake Shyam, who till date has rescued more than 35,000 snakes. The patient’s wife said, “While our neighbours have isolated us, Snake Shyam came right into our house and rescued the snake. We are grateful to him.”

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