State Information and Public Relations Commissioner T. Vijayakumar Reddy said that the measures taken in the wake of Covid‌ in the state which are being implemented in various branches in the state and chain of welfare programs will be reflected in the form of floats at the Independence Day celebrations.
74th Independence Day will be held at the premises of the local Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium
He examined the floats being set up on the occasion. Commissioner Vijayakumar Reddy on this occasion said that performing floats in the Independence Day celebration will be limited to 10 in accordance with Central Government guidelines in the context of Covid.

Obeying the physical distance, the state government will celebrate the Independence Day with great pomp. He said all arrangements are already in full swing.
In addition to the development programs being implemented in the state, Covid‌ measures undertaken will be presented in the form of floats (presentation will be on the chain of activities being carried out) by the Medical and Health Department 5 floats higlighting the School Education Destruction Institute, Agricultural Affiliates, Rural Development Departments will be exhibited. Department of Medical Health
Tracing is being carried out in the state in the background of Covid, Testing, Treatment, Covid Examination Procedure through Labs in the State,
Volunteers, Asha workers Home Survey Program, Day-to-Day Hospitals‌ Development, 108, 104 Sanjeevani buses, imask buses will be on display.
Establishment of a unit of awareness programs undertaken among the people for control.
The education system during the Covid period was divided into Hightech Lowtech Notech
The approach to education will be
reflected through various floats. Similarly The Education department set up a float to relfect the online education taken up in the state.
To reflect YSR’s Cheyutha, SERP will demonstrate a float for the pensions, manufacture of handkerchiefs, supports and masks. Raitu Bharosa scheme will be demonstrated thorugh the float set up by Department of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry and Department of Rural Development are also involved in the denonstration.
He said that the exhibition will be held
with invitees in a limited number. During the visit, he set up a media gallery in the auditorium. He made appropriate suggestions. Additional Director D Srinivas,
Joint Director T. Kasturibai and others were present with the Commisioner.

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