TDP leaders met Sitanagaram tonsure victim Indugumilli Vara Prasad and assured him of all support in his fight for the arrest of the actual persons responsible for the attack. Following the instructions of the party chief N Chandrababu Naidu, TDP leaders handed over a cheque for Rs. 2 lakh to Prasad on Thursday. They said that financial assistance was being provided to him to help him gain confidence in his struggle for getting justice.

The TDP leaders expressed concern that the YSRCP came to power with massive support from the weaker sections but after forming the Government, the ruling party leaders were perpetrating all sorts of atrocities on them. In such a difficult time, the Dalits should gain confidence and courage to fight back and assert their rights under Dr BR Ambedkar’s Constitution.

TDP former legislator Pendurthy Venkatesh, youth leader Adireddy Srinivas, SC Corporation former director Navin Kumar and other leaders expressed their solidarity to the tonsure victim. They said that their party would stick to its tradition of standing by the weaker sections and backward communities in their hour of crisis.

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