VIJAYAWADA: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has directed the Amaravati Metropolitan Region Development Authority (AMRDA), which has been notified after repealing the APCRDA, to immediately resume the construction of unfinished projects in Amaravati. He directed the AMRDA officials to draw a fund mobilisation plan in coordination with the Chief Secretary and the Finance Department for taking up the project works.

On Thursday, the Chief Minister held the first review meeting on Amaravati after notifying the AMRDA following the Governor’s assent to the AP Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of All Regions Bill and the AP Capital Region Development Authority Repeal Bill recently.

While no specific details were given as to which projects would be resumed, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD) Minister Botcha Satyanarayana said that all the projects, as per the promises given to Amaravati farmers, would be completed.

“We have prepared a development plan for Amaravati, which will be our legislative capital. The Chief Minister has instructed the officials to immediately resume all the building works,” he said, speaking to the media after the meeting.

When asked what buildings would be developed and how they would be put to use, he said, “All the unfinished buildings will be developed and the projects such as developed layouts to be given to farmers will be taken up. We have a plan on how to use them and the government will go by it.”

Sources in the AMRDA said that at least Rs  14,000 crore to Rs  15,000 crore will be needed to take up the pending works. While most of  the ‘crucial’ projects will be taken up, sources said, the scope of them will be reduced to suit the State’s financial capacity and the requirement of people. “We need at least Rs  4,500 crore for developing the layouts and the necessary trunk infrastructure. There are about Rs  3,500 toRs  4,000 crore pending bills. Other projects will need more funds. The proposal is to reduce the scope of the projects as per the practical needs,” an official explained.

Regarding the fund requirement, the MAUD Minister said the  government would spend the required amount and would not go for grandeur beyond the scope of the State’s finances. “It maybe Rs  1,000 crore or Rs  2,000 crore or Rs  10,000 crore, we will spend as much as it takes. But, we will not go for unnecessary things. We will practically develop the region, as per the State’s financial condition and as per requirement, to honour the promises made by the previous TDP government. However, we won’t go beyond our means and borrow loans,” he said.

According to Botcha, the works will immediately start and they will be completed in a time bound manner.Even though the government had planned to immediately launch the development works by laying foundations in Visakhapatnam soon after the bills were assented by the Governor, the pending cases in the court have hindered the YSRC government’s plans. “We wanted to immediately start the works after the bills were passed. But the evil forces (TDP) are creating hurdles. Our efforts to develop the three regions will not stop,” he asserted.

Botcha lashed out at TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, alleging that he was creating hurdles for the development of the State. “Someone in the BJP has correctly said that there is no Opposition in the State.  After losing in the elections, he shunned his responsibility and is only creating trouble for the State. We are working as both the ruling and the opposition,” he said.

MAUD Minister Botcha Satyanarayana appealed to the farmers of Amaravati and realtors who invested in the region, to have faith in the YSRC government as it would develop the region as promised. “I want to assure the farmers and realtors, who bought 80 per cent of lands already, that the government will develop this region. In all the developed areas, Amaravati should be special. That is our idea. The responsibility of entire region is ours. Don’t go by false propaganda by other political parties. Trust the government and we will honour all the promises given to you,” he said.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy directed the AMRDA to complete the HappyNest residential project works. Though the authority had gone for reverse tendering and invited bids twice, both the calls didn’t elicit any response from the investors and developers. The project envisaged construction of 1,200 high-end apartment units in 12 G+18 towers in 14.3 acres at Nelapadu village. The project received an overwhelming response when the previous government opened the bookings. Shapoorji and Pallonji and Company Pvt Ltd had bagged the project. The project cost was estimated to be Rs  658 crore and the present government invited bids for reverse tendering with a benchmark value of Rs  656.44 crore in December 2019, the first time. With no response, a second call was given in May this year. Again, there was no response. Hence, the AMRDA  reported the matter to the CM.

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