A heartwarming moment was captured on camera in Tamil Nadu the day India celebrated its 74th Independence Day. The rare scene captured Thiru KS Kandasamy, Tiruvannamalai District Magistrate saluting a lady cop for putting duty over her life. 

India celebrated its 74th Independence Day with pomp and show. Pictures of celebrations trickled in from across the country. But this video from Tamil Nadu’s Tiruvannamalai is a sight to behold. 

Inspector Allirani carried a person who died of COVID-19 when his close friends and family refused to even come near his body. The female cop’s great gesture earned her praise and honour. 

However, IAS Kandasamy’s touching salute when he stepped off the dias to salute the lady copy became a thing to remember. Needless to say, India needs more officers like Inspector Allirani and IAS Kandasamy. 

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