KAKINANDA : Godavari flood fury continued unabated on Tuesday morning, as flood discharge levels at Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage on Godavari River at Dowleswaram reached 22.9 lakh cusec at 8.00 am from 21.89 lakh cusecs at 6 am. 

However, the flood discharge rate started decreasing thereafter and by 11.00 am flood discharge levels were 22.4 lakh cusecs.

Third warning signal at the barrage continues to be in force.

With flood-levels gradually decreasing at Bhadrachalam, upstream of Dowleswaram Barrage, the inflows at the barrage are also expected to reduce gradually. Meanwhile, people along the towns and villages of the river continue to suffer. 

Several villages in Devipatnam and other mandals in the agency area of East Godavari, Polavaram in West Godavari district are cut off from as roads connecting these places are inundated in floodwater

At several places, power supply has been cut off and is expected to be restored when the flood recedes. At some places, hand pumps were found gushing water without being operated.  

Standing crops in various places are submerged and extent of the loss would only be known once officials complete enumeration after flood recedes. 

District  administrations of both the districts have shifted people from flood affected areas to safer places and closely monitoring the situation.  

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy reviewed the situation with officials and asked them to ensure timely relief measures. He asked them to adopt a humane approach.  

He will conduct an aerial survey of the flood affected areas in both East and West Godavari district. 

Meanwhile, heavy inflows continued at Prakasam Barrage on Krishna River and increasing flood-levels at Tungabhadra Dam, people downstream of the project along the river in Kurnool district are now in a grip of fear.  

Officials, who took stock of the situation, alerted people not to venture near the river for any purpose. Authorities are on standby to evacuate people from low lying areas in case flood-levels increase further. 

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