NEW DELHI ;The Narendra Modi government has written to states, asking them not to stop the interstate movement of people and goods as it has lifted such restrictions under the central guidelines for Unlock 3. In a letter, Union Home Secretary reminded states that inter or intra-state movement of people or goods has been allowed under Unlock 3, the third phase of easing of coronavirus lockdown.

The letter from central government came amid reports that several states have imposed their own restrictions on the movement of people and goods. The Centre argued that these restricted being imposed by district-level officials have been creating hurdles in supply chains, thus impacting economic revival.

Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla, in his letter, said that there was no need of separate permission for movement of persons or goods and cautioned the states and Union Territories that these restrictions were in violation of the Union Home Ministry’s Unlock 3 guidelines.

“Ensure that Home Ministry guidelines are followed,” Bhalla wrote in his letter, urging the states to lift all such restrictions to allow smooth reopening from the nationwide lockdown in a phased manner.

The central government had banned the movement of people and goods in the first two months of the nationwide lockdown to contain the coronavirus pandemic. However, the government allowed movement between states in May as part of the reopening of lockdown in a phased manner.

However, with coronavirus cases spiking rapidly, several states had imposed certain restrictions on the movement of people and goods within and between the states.

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