TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu lamented that there was no movement in the government even as the Amravati movement reached its 250th day. “Such long movements were rare in the country and it is rare for rulers to not even come forward to hear the suffering of the agitators;

He said that everyone recognized Amravati as the capital and opined that the people of 13 districts have a responsibility to stand up for the farmers who have sacrificed their lands for the state.

Thousands of activists have been criticized for being sent to jail on false charges. Eighty-five farm laborers, farmers and women were martyred in the movement,” Naidu learnt.

He said that the back step of YSRCP for elections itself is proof that the people of 13 districts did not support the decision of the three capitals. He said that holy soil and holy water were brought from 13,000 villages for the stone laying of Amravati.

Lokesh, the TDP national general secretary, questioned whether the ruler should change the capital every now and then and alleged YS Jagan for being the reson for death of 85 farmers.

It has been 250 days since the capital struggle began and it is still suggested that the mistake should be rectified. TDP MLA Bala Veeranjaneya Swamy was incensed that SCs were being deceived in the name of three capitals.

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