The sins of the past govt are being washed by CM YS Jagan, says Mrs. Sailaja Charan Reddy, YSRCP State Women leader. In just a span of 15 months, CM YS Jagan has reached new heights, he became closer to the people, like a big brother taking responsibility of a family, a younger brother whom you can rely on, his vast array of welfare schemes made it possible.

With such a scenario, it seems the TDP had no other option but to lay false allegations and create disturbance. I came to know that TDP leader, Chandra babu Naidu’s son Lokesh is planning on a cycle yatra, I congratulate him on taking such a bold decision.

He must reach every doorstep and ask for forgiveness of their wrongdoings in their Govt. Being a minister holding two portfolios, he lost, which itself is a testament of their misdeeds. I know Cm Jagan will create no hurdles unlike them. During his padayatra, TDP tried and created many hurdles, be it denying of permissions, unnecessary ruckus created by their cadre, attack on women, bee attack on YS Jagan. Some anti-social elements even washed the path with turmeric water, calling it purification. They indeed purified the land infested with TDP vermin.

TDP used to be a great party, when the late Sr. NTR birthed the party, it was full of ideals and was for the Telugu pride. Later, Chandrababu Naidu with his malicious actions robbed NTR of his hard-work, he literally stabbed his own father-in-law in the back and grabbed the party from NTR’s hands. With his actions, he tainted the party and turned the party into Telugu Dongala Party (Telugu looters party). No wonder, he is suffering from his own karma.

(The views expressed are those of Mrs. Sailaja Charan Reddy and not of the channel)

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