When there is any problem in the state, Chandrababu, who is in opposition, goes hunting for corpses. This is what Chandrababu has been doing for a year. If necessary, it is Babu’s habit to borrow corpses and make artificial movements with yellow media. This is what he has been doing for years in a Statement YSR CP Leader Sailaja Charan Reddy

– When a Landless farmer Nagamalleshwara Rao died in Amravati, Chandrababu said he died for capital.

– An old woman by the name of Mirabi in Chodavaram, Visakhapatnam district, died to sunstroke, twisting the fact, he used the incident saying that she had died standing in a queue for rations amidst this Corona crisis.

– A Carpenter committed suicide in Ponnur due to financial problems, the yellow gang were caught red handed. Reporters from Yellow media tried to convince the kin that the debt will be paid by TDP leaders if they speak as instructed.

In the same Guntur district, husband and wife got into a fight and the husband died. TDP leaders landed there like vultures. They tried to make everyone believe that he committed suicide due to lack of work because of sand scarcity.

– When a retired RTC employee named Sambi Reddy, who is financially well off, died of heart attack. He tried to project it as a death caused of prolonged wait in queue at Gudivada Farmer’s market to purchase onions. He offered the family 25 lakhs compensation. The Sons of the deceased came out and confirmed that he died due to heart attack and that they are well off and their father need not wait for onions.

– Recently, a young man named Om Pratap died of illness in Chittoor district on Monday. He tried to project it as a murder by the local Minister Peddireddy but the deceased’s brother, Om Prakash, Uncle Ramana thwarted TDP’s conspiracy. Babu’s conspiracy was exposed in front of the media that Om Pratap died due to illness.

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