• There is no shortage of urea anywhere in the state
  • Strict measures if artificial scarcity is created
  • We will make every village a seed abundance village
  • The minimum support price for farmers in Nellore district should be looked at accordingly, said Agriculture Minister Kurasala Kannababu.
  • State Agriculture Department to complete own buildings for Farmer Assurance Centers (RVKs) by December

Minister Kurasala Kannababu conducted the video conference on agricultural conditions in the state, construction of farmer assurance centers, farm mechanization, fertilizers etc.

Department of Agriculture from Vijayawada with Joint Collectors and Joint Directors of the Department of Agriculture. Later, Minister Kannababu spoke to the media

Joint Collectors should complete the RBK buildings being constructed under NREGS with special care and cement.

Measures are to be taken to ensure that the project is completed by December without any shortage of sand.

It is suggested to upload the photos in the YSSAR app. With the rains being abundant across the state

All the reservoirs were filled and all the farmers in the state are happy. This year’s farming season is better than last year‌.

The average rainfall is 400 mm but this year it is 480 mm. Only in Srikakulam district, rainfall was recorded slightly below normal. Also common in Anantapur district of Rayalaseema

Rainfall is 220 mm. While 330 mm. Registered. To date, farmers have cultivated crops on 29,90,000 hectares, one hundred percent of the crops will yield by the end of September. While the required urea by the end of August was 5,57,000 metric tonnes, 530,000 tonnes of urea was supplied.

An additional 2,37,416 metric tonnes have been added and the buffer stock is ready, the minister said.

We provide non-adulterated quality fertilizers to the farmers within 48 hours of request through the Farmer Assurance Centers.

The stock is available in excess of the requirements. Some misrepresent that there is a shortage of urea in 2-3 districts

Strict action will be taken if they deliberately create artificial scarcity and even measures will be taken to send them to jail

Authorities were advised not to hesitate. The time of procurement of grain has started in Nellore district, traders said

Complaints have been received that the brokers are taking an extra 50 kg from the farmers and not giving them the prescribed rate.

Joint collectors have been advised to crack down on those who do so, to prevent injustice to farmers.

He said that there was no tolerance for irregularities in grain purchases. E-crop process is suggested to be completed by the end of September. Form farmers into groups and rent equipment on subsidy at a fixed price to them.

Through farmer assurance centers in villages, through agricultural co-operative societies in zonal centers. Through CHC centers at hub level provide machine tools to farmers. Mega CHCs are being set up with Rs 30 lakh crore each. Farmer friendly machinery in a transparent procedure will be disbursed. Exhibitions with agricultural machinery will be organized in all the districts on the 15th of this month

The Chief Minister has directed to carry out the Seed Village program on a large scale.

He said the government is working towards the goal of making the village prosperous. As on September 1 this year, Rs. 75,237 crores crop loans and Rs 48,000 crore term loans has been provided with the target of lending to farmers.

He said that this year more loans have been given as compared to previous years.

We entered into an agreement with Amul for coordinating RBKs with Milk procurement centres.

Village‌ Agricultural‌ Assistants should not be used for any other work but only for work in the agricultural allied sectors.

The minister said the state government would take decisions in a way that would benefit the farmers.

The minister said that CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy had shown that the government could provide free electricity during the day as opposed to what the Opposition made believe.  Poonam Malakondayya, Special Chief Secretary, Department of Agriculture and Commissioner, Department of Agriculture were present on the occasion

H. Arunakumar, Agros MD Balaji Srikesh Latmar, EP Seeds MD Shekharbabu, Krishnajilla Joint Collector Y. Madhavilatha participated.

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