TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu criticised that the State government failed miserably in implementing the ‘trace, test and treat’ protocols in controlling the spread of pandemic COVID19, in a statement on Wednesday.

The TDP chief deplored that the Government has failed to regulate and check the Coronavirus threat at the quarantine centres. All these failures and negligence led to a bigger threat from the virus

Naidu advised the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to rise above the level of making ‘paracetamol’ and ‘bleaching powder’ comments in order to rescue the people from greater danger of coronavirus in the State.

TDP chief expressed concern that AP has now stood second in the list of States recording the highest number of COVID19 positive cases in the country. The increased infections were creating fears among the people of all sections. As per the COVID19 latest tracker, AP stood second with 4.45 lakh positive cases against 8.08 lakh of Maharashtra and 4.33 lakh of Tamil Nadu.

Naidu attributed the unchecked rise in COVID19 cases in the State to the unofficial and unauthorised meetings that took place. The Government could not control crowds in long queues at its own liquor shops which led to spiralling rise in infections, he criticised.

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