Amaravati: the TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu criticised that the State Government that failed in protecting the weaker sections from ongoing atrocities, in a statement on Friday. Naidu said that the ruling YSRCP leaders burnt down the house of Dalit girl Machcha Dhana Lakshmi at Mudinepalli in Kaikalur area in Krishna district , Demanding stringent action against the accused person in burning a house of a Dalit girl in Krishna district,

The girl was targeted just because she complained to the police against a local YSRCP leader for misleading and betraying her.

The TDP chief said that on coming to know about the police complaint, the ruling party leaders burnt down her house overnight. Now, the Dalit family was thrown on the roads with no roof of their own. Naidu said that the police were supposed to rescue the Dalit girl, whom the YSRCP leader promised to marry but later cheated. The girl did not get any justice while, on the other hand, she lost her house and has no place to take shelter.

He added that in the last 15 months of YSRCP government, the atrocities were continuing unabated. The atrocities were continuing unchecked on Dalit weaker sections all over the State. The authorities were standing as helpless spectators to these misdeeds. Meanwhile, TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah complained to the National SC Commission about the burning of Dalit girl’s house.

He said that YSRCP leader Sai Reddy cheated her. When she made a police complaint, he along with some others tried to eliminate the girl and her parents by setting fire to their house, the TDP accused.

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