TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu demanded that free electricity be restored to the farmers, which is the of farmers right. Speaking to the media on Saturday, The government’s decision is hurting the sentiments of farmers,” Naidu asserted. Chandrababu fumed YSRCP government of acting hypocrisy.

Babu accused the government of making debts and alleged of for levying Rs 9 crore per hour on the people. The state is not a slave to Jagan. He reminded that it was the Telugu Desam government that initiated the power reforms in the state. he criticized the state government for its decisions that are turning farmers into a scapegoat. “Meters are being installed in the name of cash transfer scheme for agricultural electricity; he clamping of meters to farm motors is to take the lives of farmers which government should immediately withdraw GO 22.

Chandrababu said that TDP has all the rights in the power sector and the power reforms brought by his government have stood as an ideal for the country.

Chandrababu said he won’t allow to convert free electricity scheme to cash transfer under any circumstances and asserted that if the meters were put, farmers in Metta and Rayalaseema areas would be severely affected.

Chandrababu was incensed that Jagan had tarnished the image of the state with his incompetent rule. Chandrababu Naidu said that the people understood the YSRCP rule within 15 months and confirmed that elections would be held soon and directed his party cadre to be ready to face the election at any moment.

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