VIJAYAWADA: To extend multiple services offered by it on a single platform, the state police department has come up with a new mobile app, ‘Police Seva’, which will be launched by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on September 17.

As many as 87 different police services will be made available through the mobile application, which will integrate all 964 police stations in Andhra Pradesh. 

With the new app, one will be able to file a complaint with the police from home and track the status of their complaint through their mobile phone.

 People who go out of town will be able to monitor their houses in real time using the app, as long as they inform the police. 

Among the rest of the 87 services to be offered are tracking the status of FIRs, downloading FIRs, details of lost property recovery, missing people, unidentified bodies and seized vehicles, a locked house monitoring system, e-Beat, e-challan status, passport verification status check, license verification, NOCs, Unified Public Service Centre, information on black spots in the state, accident mapping, road safety rules, police station locator, important contacts, legal services, cybercrime safety measures, social media guidance, Mahila Raksha, toll-free numbers, emergency contact details, hospital and pharmacy information.

Ahead of  launching the app, the State police are taking opinions from the public through an opinion poll on Twitter and other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

To a question asked on the State police department’s Twitter handle @APPolice, on whether the police should monitor people’s houses during vacations in real time, over 70 per cent of participants expressed willingness and praised the dedication of the police.

Besides, 20 per cent of the participants sought details on how the police would do it.When TNIE contacted a senior IPS officer, he said the service (Locked House Monitoring System) started in 2018 and is now being integrated with the app.

“Instead of having several applications, we are going to combine all services in one app. Through Police Seva, the public can avail of all services of the police department with immediate responses from the officers concerned.

“When a person informs us about his vacation, the police will immediately set up CCTV cameras and motion sensors at his/her residence. If any person tries to barge in without prior intimation, the house owner will receive an alert via an SMS from the concerned police station,” he said. Responding to another poll, the public expressed willingness to receive real-time updates pertaining to the status of complaints via SMS. “We wanted this mechanism as it will create confidence among the public on the police and bring transparency. The complainant need not worry about his/her case status,” the officer added.

On vacation? Ask cops to check house

“When a person informs us about his vacation, the police will immediately set up CCTV cameras and motion sensors at his residence. If any person tries to barge in, the house owner will receive an SMS alert,” a senior IPS officer said.

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