Chandrababu Naidu said that the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was making false allegations on Amaravati lands out of sheer political vendetta. Naidu warned the AP Government that a day would come soon when all sections of the people would revolt against the unchecked atrocities and injustices of the oppressive Jagan Reddy regime.

Babu reacted to the cases filed against the TDP leaders by the ACB in the alleged insider trading at Amaravati capital city, on Tuesday, while addressing a virtual conference with party senior leaders.

He expressed surprise that the YSRCP leaders were plundering the State wholesale as if the voters would not give them another chance. The ruling party was robbing all sections of people as if there is no tomorrow.

The TDP supremo asserted that the role of the Opposition was crucial for the vibrant and successful function of democracy but this Government was misusing the entire police force to stifle all dissenting voices of all sorts. It was the democratic duty of the Opposition to criticise and expose the misdeeds and illegalities of the ruling party. Whereas, the police were not acting in an impartial manner so as to uphold the democratic rights of dissent and criticism. A strong impression gained ground that the AP Police were hand in glove with only one section of the society.

Naidu said that never before in the history of any State, the police have come to face such all-round criticism and critical scrutiny as they were now in AP. At least now, the serious mistakes being down should be corrected by launching a crackdown on the anti-social elements and culprits in the atrocities. It was the immediate duty of the police to give confidence to the general public. The YSRCP leaders were acting without any shame by launching counter attacks instead of protecting the victims of attacks, he added.

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